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Corrugated Packaging


Corrugated Cardboard Containers

Corrugated is a durable, lightweight, and versatile material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers. Craters & Freighters Nashville uses a minimum 350 lb. double-wall corrugated fiberboard when building custom corrugated cardboard boxes. It is crafted from three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes in between.

For items that require less protection during shipping and handling, corrugated packaging is a great alternative to wood crating. Each container is tailored to meet the needs of the item being shipped. Many factors are considered in designing the container including dimensions, weight, value, mode of transport, and final destination.

Enhanced Protection for Your Items

Corrugated containers can be reinforced through the use of strapping, banding, and palletizing. This helps ensure that items arrive undamaged. We offer free quotes for corrugated containers and custom boxes.

Our team works with a variety of local organizations and businesses that rely on our craftsmen to engineer the perfectly sized and protected packing plans. If you’re looking for quality, look no further than Craters & Freighters Nashville. Book your free quote today.

Materials for Every Challenge

At Craters & Freighters Nashville, we use only high-quality materials for the ultimate in protection. Our team designs and engineers packaging strategies that enhance the security of each asset. Combined with our reliable corrugated packaging, it ensures your item survives the shipping stream and arrives unharmed.

We use a wide variety of packing materials specifically designed to address unique packaging requirements. This includes:

Our packaging and shipping specialists are skilled at finding the best packaging solutions for you. We consider your item, goals, and timeframe to help us provide the most effective packing and boxing for your valuable assets.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Let our dependable corrugated packaging solutions get your items where they need to be. We have the experience and knowledge to keep your assets safe. Our team is ready to help you with any of your shipping and containing needs, including:

Your assets are as valuable as your time, and you can count on us to successfully manage your project from start to finish. Craters & Freighters is here for all of your custom containing, packaging, and shipping needs.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters Nashville.

We recognize that you have a variety of fine art shipping companies in Nashville to choose from. Allow us to give you a free quote. Provide some information on your needs, and we’ll get back to you right away with a figure you can use in your planning.

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